Responsible Catering

We are what we eat, and take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to the impact our business can have on the environment. When you’re feeding thousands of people each year, small decisions can make a large impact. Inviting us to create your event for you means partnering with a brand with a high ethical stance on food.

All suitable food waste in our kitchens goes direct to the compost heap, with the resulting compost then used to grow our cooking herbs! Composting at source is far more energy efficient than food recycling schemes

All waste materials after each event are sorted and recycled accordingly meaning as little goes to landfill as possible.

The feast we serve is only as good at the food we buy, and we take pride in how we source our produce. All our meat, fish and cheese are supplied through award-winning independent local suppliers: companies for whom quality ranks above ease of mass-production. Who wants Brazilian imports when you can have well-matured British beef?!

Seasonal foods
We always try to recommend seasonal food rather than air-freighting in out-of-season produce, not least of all because seasonal food grown locally often tastes better.

If you wish us to use only organically-produced food, we can offer this as an option.

If you require bottled water, then we would highly recommend our selection of British waters to serve rather than importing foreign waters. For the lowest carbon footprint of all, tap water is far greener however!

What we don’t believe in are dubious schemes to “offset” your carbon footprint, involving paying extra to transfer carbon credits from one country to another. Eco-fakery we’re not…

As a business, we take responsibility seriously when it comes to our staff too. By employing our staff directly rather than through an agency, and then training them to our high standards, we’re able to guarantee a calibre of staff difficult to match. Valuing our staff also means that they care more about the work they do, resulting in a better service for the client. This also avoids agency fees, with the savings passed on directly to the customer.